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He's tall and handsome and cute and seems cuddly, he's the perfect lap dog. If Hiddleston is good at not shitting where he eats, good for him.But at the end of the day you end up getting a pitbull to protect your precious belongings which in this case are producers' million dollars. He would be a fool not to show up on time, sober, and do everything he can to please everyone because I don't think he is an overwhelming talent. Doesn't make him any less of a try-hard, self-pandering, opportunistic, c-list actor.Works very hard though and is respected for this, but also has a huge sense of entitlement. Susannah was as close as he got, in my opinion, and he blew that one.Is very resentful that he has not gotten a lot more recognition. Everyone feels the same way about the tinkerbell gig. Everyone else he has dated has looked like the inside of a purse.It's obvious he has very little self-confidence and dating someone who thinks he walks on water or whatever is just another way Tom gets his daily quota of adoration from the world. And we haven't heard a peep of negativity from any exes, male or female. He shows up at work on time and sober and promotes without actively complaining, which is more than a lot of people... And when people are not so nice, they don't say much at all. All I'm saying is, some folks with no dog in the race (Coriolanus poster photographer, random Avengers runner in Ohio who got invited to the wrap party) rave about what a class act he is. All we are getting is armchair analysis and a guy who claims to be friends with people who went to RADA with him (who must be actors who maybe are not working right now? The only guy posting who actually did know him from RADA (the "Tom Hiddleston Troll"), also has nothing but nice things to say about him. I'm waiting for real dirt, it there doesn't appear to be any.R49 Yet Fassbender managed to become the new Olivier."This has got to be a very hard year for him."Throws around his privilege a lot, but seems highly unaware of what a turnoff this can be. Susannah was pretty but we only ever saw her in red carpet mode. Gwen Christie is great but not exactly a supermodel. I remember talk that she was kind of a bitch to Tom.Some of his unicef gaffes are typical of him: "Living below the line from the most poshest neighborhood in London. I've heard rumours that's he's a modelizer and was fwb with a London model for a while but never any pictures. I was disappointed to see the possibly Tom started thread close. For those of you who missed it, the OP said1) He had to look up humble bragging.2) He was straight, for the record. Sunshine & light when the cameras were on then instant Bitch-Face when the cameras were off.

Academically smart, but not considered overly high on talent. Okay, I have heard the modelizer rumors as well, but has anyone ACTUALLY SEEN HIM with an attractive woman on his arm?

Now they don't even talk, if that tells you anything. My boyfriend is a producer and I hear all his stories.

She either wised up (and/)or he got bored (she wasn't listening to his lectures about Shakespeare attentively enough, probably). In fact, industry folks go out of their way to say nice things about him. Um, no, industry folks and film journos love NOTHING MORE than talking shit about actors. Eddie Redmayne is a wonderful (though I think he's in the closet). It's actually a big deal that I haven't heard him or anyone say negative things about Tom.

I have to disagree with the OP and others here, I can't tell if TH is gay, he seems pretty gay here but he's a Brit - gaydar fails with Brits a lot of times.

RDJ seems totally sober to me here and in control and TH looks up to him in this interview & they seem bro-close but not gay, jmho.

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