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There is no wedding band on his left hand, but he wears a signet ring on the little finger. But he goes on: "As a person, she has become easier and wiser.

She was very pretty when she was young, but she was complicated.

Irons sails there, and a covered boat is lying in the bailey of the castle as we arrive.

Nearby is parked a modest, seven-year-old Audi, which he later hops into and drives at lightning speed along the maze-like side roads.

But he mentions, with some pride, how the director Hugh Hudson told him it was worth 20 films.

He went on to appear in a raft of films, from The Mission to The French Lieutenant's Woman to Lolita. The two of them would sit in his trailer, practising his diddly-eyes between takes.

He sleeps at the summit of the tower -- essentially seven rooms piled on top of each other: "It's wonderful to hear the wind howling when you're in bed at night. They have been married for 30 years, incidentally, yet he pronounces her name in an odd way: 'shin-add'.

But that's the only room you hear it in." Like any anxious home owner, he remarks on how relieved he is that it stayed leak-free during recent rain storms. He removes his spectacles, kicks off his slippers and rolls a cigarillo, the first of many. "Sinéad has grown more beautiful as she has grown older," he announces. It's generally a bad sign when men come out with that.

A life-size wooden stallion stands in one corner -- "every castle needs a horse" -- while a sword is propped against a wall.

Ridley Scott gave it to him as a memento from their Crusades film, Kingdom of Heaven. We know the wind is howling outside, we can see how choppy the sea is from slit-like windows more suited to firing arrows than admiring the view. Jeremy says the reason is that the walls range between three feet and seven-feet thick.

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