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Some died out but a few flourished, going on to record their histories to establish their particular pedigrees.Often dubbed “the meditation school,” Chan derives its name from the Chinese term encompassed a wide variety of techniques for training the mind to attain the deep insight into reality necessary for awakening.Eventually the transmission passed to a certain Bodhidharma (c.470-553 CE), the infamous “First Patriarch,” who, it is said, brought Chan to southern China, crossing the Yangzi (Yangtze) River on a reed.

study, devotional rituals and the performance of charitable works.

Later traditions concerning Huineng vary tremendously. He seems to go into hiding for several years only to reappear in Nanhai at a monastery presided over by Yinzong.

One day after the Master had finished a lecture, Huineng overheard two monks arguing over whether the temple flag or the wind was moving.

Recent scholarship has established that a mysterious figure named Bodhidharma was indeed in southern China in the fifth century proclaiming teachings based on the .

After his death his disciples carried on his teachings, but most of them never founded lasting lineages.

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