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Family Guy is an American animated comedy series created by Seth Mac Farlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company.Characters are listed only once, normally under the first applicable subsection in the list; very minor characters are listed with a more regular character with whom they are associated.Jackpot (1984)Jeopardy (1977)Jokers Wild Jumble Key Witness Keynotes (1986)King of the Hill Let's Make a Deal (1963)Let's Make a Deal (1990)The Love Experts M'ama Non M'ama Match Game (1962)Match Game (1973)Match Game (1990)Match Game (1996)Match Game (2008)Mindreaders Missing Links Monday Night QBMoney Words Money in the Blank Moneymaze Monopoly (1987)Nothing But the Truth Now You See It (1986) Oddball100%PDQParty Line People On TVPlay For Keeps Play Your Hunch The Plot Thickens Pot O' Gold Pressure Point The Price Is Right (1972)Pyramid (1996)Pyramid (1997)A Question of Scruples Quick as a Flash Razzle Dazzle Riddlers Run For The Money Says Who?Scrabble (1990)Second Guessers Second Honeymoon Sharaize Shoot for the Stars Shoot the Works Shopping Spree Show Me Showoffs Simon Says,000 Question (2000)Smart Alecks Smart Money Spellbinders Spin-Off Split Decision Star Cluster Star Play Strictly Confidential TKOTalking Pictures (1968)Talking Pictures (1976)Tell It to Groucho Temptation (1981),000 Sweep Three of a Kind Tic Tac Dough Tie-Up Top Secret Twenty One (1982)Twenty Questions Twisters Up and Over The Waiting Game We've Got Your Number What Do You Want? Whodunit Whose Baby Wipeout Word Grabbers Write Your Own Ticket You Bet Your Life (1988)You Bet Your Life (1991)You're Putting Me On Unreviewed Pilots The following is a list of pilots that I know exist, but have yet to review. Usenet article mentions personal remembrance that said two hosts tried out that day.The character designer for a cartoon is drawing a woman.

Paraphrasing the description at Grown-ups act as if babies don't know anything.

But the cartoonist won't be giving this character big or even medium-sized breasts. This animated woman will usually have a small bustline, a very narrow waist, narrow shoulders and very wide hips often accompanied by large buttocks.

Often they can't because large breasts and an hourglass figure aren't considered to be family-oriented and their cartoon is in the Animation Age Ghetto, where big breasts can't get past Network Standards and Practices. If you aren't using big breasts, how do you make a character look female? Regardless of the width of the character's waist and hips it's important that her waist look exaggeratedly small relative to her hips.

But the fearless, hairless Tommy Pickles and his baby brigade know what's really going on.

They'd be happy to inform the grown-ups, if they could only understand baby talk.

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