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and we caji*l of Fer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. iir of «isioiiished innocence: '*Holy Father, the rejoicings were conned to your own palice die other eventng, there were none in my house I " " It was all the fault of the Cardinal of Santa Maria in Portico (Bibbicna),*' retorted ihe Pope, "and he acted without my knowledge in the matter. »4 THE MEDICI POPES spedal rec|uest of the Signory, he consented t awhile at die Giarkfigtia£i:i villa in the suburb of Marigno Uc, whilst the city was busily preparing a public reception worthy of one who was its first citizen as well as its spinui;! Ii was the Mt'dici's first entrance into his birthplace as Supreme Pontiff, and even his unbounded craving for adulation and pii^enntry must have been appeased by the sight of the triumphal archer, the elaborate artistic surprises and the ap[)laudtng crowds of his own countrymen, for whom Leo with all his faults and selfishness bore a sincere affection.

Please do not assume thai a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any maimer anywhere in the world- Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. But my lord ainba-s»iador of Venice* wc shall now sep whiit the Mi Kt f Jhrisuan King will 'ing Leo s discomfiture. The Pt^ with eighteen cardinals and accompanied by hundreds of nobles and men-at-anns made his state-eiitr)- into the city by the Porta Romana.

and even perhaps (o bring the Empire itself beneath the dominion of the Church, aa had actually come to pass in ihc reign of his le of attainment may be gathered from die ^ views and suggestions concerninj; an universal Medicean despotism in Italy set forth by Machiavelli in the pages of the Prince.

A public domam book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright tenn has expired. QM.' The festivities held at the Capitol in honour of Giuli- ^ Cn J^ht OD, vol v., pp, ij6, 217. Now that the humiliated Frcnchmf^n had bfrcn expelled from It^ilian soil.

Whelhera book is in the public domain may vary country to country. I.,rxd]d not inlcffd lopur Mif them wtt)i the unreason- ing rancour of his fiery predecessor; on the contrary, die Pope was secretly meditating; to make some use of the defeated nation (or his cherished object of ridding Italy equally of the lavourcd Spaniards.

Google This Js a digital copy of a book thai was preserved for generalions on library shelves before il was carefully scanned by Google as part of a projecl lo make Ihe world's books discoverable online. After other conceits of this nature, the entertainment was made to conclude wiih a ftignificant representsilion of Florence weeping for the loss of her Medicean prc^eny and being comforted by Cybele, the mo^cr of all the j^ods, who united the two female figures ot Rome and Florence and sjj^gestcd that henceforth both cities should dwell in mutual concord and happiness under the rule of that f^imily, which loved each with an equal devotion.

[I has sal's' ived long enough for Ihe copyright to expire and the booklo enter the public doma Ln. Next day a broad Latin comedy, the Poenuim of Plautus, was presented in an improvised theatre "with such elegance that it is scarcely credible that even in the days of Plautus himself his play could have been performed better'*-* In (fateful appreciauon of hia brothers re- ception by the city, the Pontiff granted various privi- leges, even reducing the tax upon salt — always a most jcaloualy-guardcd source ofrcvenuc in those days, — whilst again in return for l.,eos generosity the citizens of Komc caused a marble effigy of the Pope, the work of Giacomo del Duca, one of Michelangelo's pup Ds, to be placed upon the Capitol with the brief laudatory inscription, Opiimi Lilf€ra Jissimiqti€ Poniijms Memoriae SJ'. 96-98, L, Pu- npilnod, Giufituiff 3J a O-cle' Mcrdici and expressive of the new union between Kc Hhe and Flaraicc, were succeeded iwo mumths laltr by the submission of the French King, who now rc* pudiated chc schismatic Council, that had given so much offence to the autocratic Julius* Since the diflasier of Novara. besif Ic K Tjeiitg cniple-cl by the tlt^feat of Guincgatte, or the Battle of the Spurs, at thehandscf the jniled Knglish and Imperial forces; whrlsi the hereditary' ally of France and fbc of England had r L*ccnt Iy bct'ii crushed on the fatal field of Floddcn in this very year.

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