Dating foreign girls china

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But the differences that Western women and Chinese men face go far beyond eating habits.

Dating and courtship can be very different from what Western women are used to.

It revealed some common stereotypes of the image of Chinese men in the Western women's eyes.

Chinese men were complimented as being family-oriented, willing to spend money on women and serious about relationships, but there were also some negative characteristics.

It's been difficult getting used to including his parents with major decisions, adding that her mother-in-law even went along on their honeymoon.

She's also been surprised by his parents' involvement in raising their children.

"But once he kissed me he moved very fast and talked about love and marriage just days later." Jocelyn Eikenburg, a 33-year-old American who blogs on, had a similar experience when she first began dating her husband, Jun Yu.

Chinese men still have a long way to go in wooing foreign women.

A survey of 100 adult Caucasian women with experience living and working in China by Zhang Jiehai, a sociology professor from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences was released early last year.

As filial piety is important to Chinese families, Eikenburg says that experience helped break down barriers.

Millward and Zhang met similar hesitations at the beginning of their relationship.

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